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Monday, August 29, 2016

Part 2 - Being That Change Agent

As discussed in "Part 1 - Managing Through Change How to Survive", change is hard, but not changing is fatal.  However, as business analysts and leaders we are leading change constantly.  We are the agents driving the change and need to drive the change effectively.  So how do you do that?

  1. Understand the "WHY" - one of the main reasons change is not accepted is because people do not understand the "why".  It's important to understand why the change is occurring.  The change should relate to an organizational strategy with benefits.  You will need to articulate this "why" many times as you try to secure buy-in and help implement the change .
  2. Believe in the Change - In order to get others to buy into the change you need to believe in the change yourself.  If you don't believe in the change people will feel that and may be hesitant to accept the change.  If you have concerns with the change, voice those concerns with the appropriate people so you gain understand and gain a comfort level.
  3. Effectively Communicate the Change - one of the most important components of change is communication.  You will need to communicate frequently, maybe over communicate.  It's just as critical HOW you communicate than WHAT you communicate.
  4. Be Aware of the Different Emotions - being aware is critical as well because that awareness can guide how you communicate.  People are going to go through different emotions at different times so be prepared to be flexible with your communication style and interactions.  You may need to ease some individuals into the change which means how you approach meetings and conversations may change.
It's important that during change you understand, believe, communicate observe and repeat all of those.  Change is hard because it feels as if you are no longer in control.  However change can be a great thing.  The reason a project exists is because something is changing. As business analysts you are the agent to drive that change.  Don't just focus on getting the job done, but also focus on the emotions of the individuals you will be working with.  You will be a more effective change agent.  

The BA Martial Artist