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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Taking Time For Yourself

One thing I learned while doing self reflection at the end of last year is the importance of taking time out for self. I am excited about taking a family vacation over spring break this year to visit family and just get reengerized. It's so important to do this to avoid burn out. I know it's sometimes easier than said, but it's so important. There are benefits of doing this and consequences of not.

1. Gives you down time to just relax and reenergize
2. Makes you more productive as you come back fresh to work and a better attitude
3. Allows you to do self reflection on things that are going well and things that are not
4. Allows you to just sit back and enjoy life. All work and no play can make for a journey through life where you don't enjoy it
5. Increases better health in that you are taking time to rejuvenate the body

1. Potential health issues for not taking time
2. Bad attitude because of constant work
3. Lower productivity
4. Fatigue
5. Life passing you by

The consequences are definitely not worth it. Especially since those can be controlled. It's worth taking time for yourself. Whether its a day dedicated to yourself monthly, a quarterly vacation or a bi-monthly vacation, it's doesn't matter, just take time out for yourself.

I am and so should you See you in two weeks.


Paula Bell

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