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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Each Day Is An Interview

Over my career I have learned that how people perceive you is critical to your success. There has been a lot of conversations in the industry about building your personal brand. It's important to understand how others perceive you. Some of things that perceptions stem from are:

1. Your appearance - how do you present yourself to others? Do you take time to dress in a fashion that promotes your professionalism or is your appearance sloppy? People will judge you on the way you look whether it's right or wrong.
2. How you present yourself to others - Are you confident? Do you portray low self esteem? Are you conceited or arrogant? Some of these things can be a turn off to others. Again whether right or wrong.
3. How do you handle situations? - Do you break under pressure? Do you fly off the handle?

These are just a couple of examples. From a professional perspective consider each day an interview. You never know who is watching you and formulating opinions about you. You don't want great opportunities to pass you by because someone has a negative perception of you.

Don't get me wrong, everyone has "off days" but it's very important, especially in this job market to ensure that no matter where you are and no matter who are surrounded by the " best" you is being portrayed.


Paula Bell

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