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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Peer Reviews

As a business analyst I tend to take pride of my work. I own what I write. However, there is a lot of benefit of conducting and receiving feedback from peer reviews. If your peer can't understand what you are communicating then there is a good chance others won't as well but it's hard to take that feedback because of the fact you own that work. I know the first time I conducted a peer review I thought I had arisen as a BA. I finally had the senior BA title and I felt like I was better than others. Oh but I had to swallow a piece of humble pie because depending on how you communicate the feedback you can hurt someone's feelings or offend them and that was my first experience. The first peer review I conducted offended the other person. Also, the first peer review feedback I received hurt my feelings because again I thought I had arisen as a business analyst.

I'm by no means saying do not conduct a valid peer review where you provide honest feedback that will provide value to enhance what ever material you are reviewing. Be humble and kind in all you do because it goes a long way.

I have learned that the hard way over the years but once I got it I was more effective as a BA and in my personal life.


Paula Bell

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